Z-Score Reports of Al Jazeera Steel Products Company on Credit Worthiness

Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG was established on Jun 27, 1996 which mostly deal in manufacturing business of different types of structural and steel tube products in the middle east countries. They also exported their manufactured products to twenty-five major western countries, including USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, and other EU countries. The company also imported their products on major Asian countries like Indonesia, China, and Malaysia. The company also sold and manufactures like electric resistance welded products, angle bars, rounds bars, and deformed bars, bar mill products for the constructions of buildings. Al Jazeera Steel manufactured products are used in various application like building constructions, building housing projects, bridges, canal irrigation, agricultural infrastructures, engineering, public health, public highways, toll bridges and public roads, scaffolding tubes, fencing and boring, steams and gas, firefighting equipment, water and sanitation pipes, civil and industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and building structures.


In the past several years the mills manufacturing plant has become one of the leading tubing manufacturer plants in the Middle East region and also made the company Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG one of the leading players on steel manufacturing. Al Jazeera company also offers tubulars products in both black and galvanized conforming to major International specifications industry standards. Al Jazeera Steel Product is primarily based in Sultanate of Oman. Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG is one of the subsidiaries of Global Buyout Fund LP a Kuwait base pipe manufacturing company. Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG is listed at Muscat Securities Market at Muscat, Oman, Sultanate of Oman on January 6, 2003 which they belong on as Industrial Index industry sector category.

As shown in the illustration table above for Z-score of Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG from year 2013-2017 it is very evident and clear that Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG have a very good credit worthiness outstanding from year 2015-2017. Year 2015-2017 Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG have above 3-point Z-score which means the company will be less likely enter bankruptcy and in good financial condition while for year 2013-2014 the same have good Z-score of above 2 which lie on safe range because Z-score of below 1.8 are in bad financial condition. Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG have best financial health status, good credit worthiness status, high revenue, good net income earned per year, paid dividends well, the stock market price are very fair and good. Al Jazeera Steel Products is a good company for the investors to make their investment buy its stocks traded on Muscat Securities Market and will get a good return on investments. Their Z-score have gradually increase per year to year basis from 2013 to 2017.

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Yes Z-score is the appropriate tool or useful data for the investors to determine the company credit worthiness and if it is good to invest in the company. The Z-Score that computed on the combination of five very important financial ratios in financial statement analysis that can help the investors to determine if their investment made to the company are right. The important message from the study computation made on Z-score analysis is to mainly avoid companies with Z-score of less than 1 point unless the investors have a very good reason to buy it like making the company more competitive by heavy investing and complete overtures. There are many bankrupt companies that are been bought even though their Z-score is very small way below 1 point because of market share or the technology and management value. The investor can use the Z-score results in investment analysis as an early warning signal. Should the Z-score computation results be less than three points it needs further analysis using other financial ratios and other important data thus need more investigations. A Z-score of lower than 1.8 point, in particular, indicates that the company is heading for bankruptcy or have financial difficulties. Company with scores more than 3 points are unlikely to enter into bankruptcy and have a very good financial health status. Scores within range of 1.8 and 3 points lie in a gray area which indicate they are not in bad shape nor in good shape this need further assessments. This Z-score ratio is a good test for corporate distress and corporate performance. So, this Z-score will be one of the basis or indication for investors to determine if the company is on the road of bankruptcy and whether the investors will invest their funds to the company.

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