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Donald Trump Shut Down The Migrant Caravan With One Tweet

Images of 7,000 migrants marching through Central America frightened many Americans. They demanded Washington take action to stop what many see as an invasion. So Donald Trump stepped up and sent out one tweet that could shut down the caravan immediately. Americans Concerned About The Migrant Caravan The […]


This Picture From Barack Obama’s Past Just Ruined His Life For Good

Journalists pounced on the terrible tragedy at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh to attack Donald Trump. Their main concern was blaming him for the shooting to hurt him in the election. But then an old picture of Barack Obama resurfaced and it just changed everything. Media […]

Obama Used Three Words To Attack Trump That Every Democrat Instantly Regretted

Barack Obama is back. The former President hit the campaign trail to help push Democrats into the winner’s circle. But he used three words to attack Donald Trump that every Democrat instantly regretted. Barack Obama Campaigns To Elect Democrats Barack Obama showed up in Nevada to help the […]

Rush Limbaugh Revealed A Secret About The Mail Bombs That Had Everyone Talking

Democrats and the fake news media pounced on the suspicious packages mailed to the Democrats and CNN. They seized on the mail bombs to claim the American people must reject Donald Trump in November. But Rush Limbaugh revealed a secret about the bombs that had everyone talking. Rush […]

Chelsea Clinton Made An Announcement That Could Change Everything In 2020

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have run for President. While Bill won, Hillary made a fool of herself for the whole world to see. Now Chelsea may be giving it a try as well after making an announcement that could change everything in 2020. Chelsea Clinton Politically Chelsea […]

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