How Much Freelance Bookkeeper Earns? Where to Apply?

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What is Bookkeeping and Bookkeeper?

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Before we start talking and guiding you to find bookkeeping job let us define first what is bookkeeping and bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping (and accounting) involves the recording of a company’s financial transactions. The transactions will have to be identified, approved, sorted and stored in a manner so they can be retrieved and presented in the company’s financial statements and other reports.

bookkeeper is usually employed by a small to mid-size company to record its transactions such as sales, purchases, payroll, collection of accounts receivable, payment of bills, etc. A very small company might use the services of a bookkeeping firm that employees bookkeepers.

Job Description

Bookkeepers record income and outflow of money, property and other financial assets. The most important bookkeeper duty is to accurately record and review all financial data. To excel at this job, you must pay close attention to details and be very accurate when recording numerical data. Your job will also require you to be ethical and to maintain the confidentiality of a client’s financial records.

Most bookkeepers now manage financial information electronically, such as employee payroll. This might require that you master the use of spreadsheets, databases or specialized computer software. Bookkeepers also write or print financial reports. Some bookkeepers handle bank deposits, track purchasing, submit bills for a client’s accounts receivables or prepare files for federal and local taxes.

Why Work As Bookkeeper?

There are thousands of companies , businessman, individuals, and businesses who are looking of good and well experience bookkeeper that can do manage their book of accounts and financial transactions. Working at home as freelance bookkeeper is a great job where you can earn thousands of dollars per month I mean $1000’s or paid per hours at rate of $5-$50. Their are many benefits of working as freelance bookkeeper as state in the next paragraph.

First, the benefits of no longer need to travel going work to office because in freelance job you can work at your home even at your bed. Second, the benefits of flexible work time and fast pay. Fast pay likely paid per projects, paid per week, paid per output, and other type payments that is way faster than office base work. Having PayPal account is the fastest way to get paid. Third, the benefits of easy communications at your fingerprint without anyone will be looking or listening except your kids though. Fourth, the benefits of bigger income as long as you do best in your work. Fifth, being always with your wife, children, and family. Lastly,  escaping from traffic, noise and air pollution.


Bookkeepers currently work in many industries. In 2016, the financial industry accounted for 12 percent of all bookkeepers. These jobs were mostly with tax preparation services, payroll and general accounting. The next largest segment worked in retail services, approximately 10 percent. Other industries that employed bookkeepers at less than 10 percent each were healthcare, wholesale and insurance. Bookkeepers also work independently as freelancers or as a small business.

Years of Experience

Full-time experience is the main factor in salary increases for bookkeepers. Seniority in a company can lead to career advancement and supervisory responsibilities that come with a salary increase. One projection looks like this:

  •  1-2 years: $37,846-$40,775
  • 3-4 years: $39,648-$42,422
  • 5-6 years: $40,775-$43,618
  • 7-20 or more years: $41,151-$43,992  

Top and Best Freelance Websites to Apply as Bookkeeper



Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. In 2015, Elance-oDesk was rebranded as Upwork. It is based in Mountain View and San Francisco, California. The full name is Upwork Global Inc. Grow your business through the top freelancing website. Hire talent nearby or worldwide.

You can find work at Upwork for almost all kind of professional and career jobs like bookkeeper, accounting, financial analyst, website developer, engineering, WordPress developer, tax consultant, business consultant, virtual assistant, social media campaigner, website designer, writer, research writer, costumer support, and many more.


download (6).jpg

Find & hire top freelancers, web developers & designers inexpensively. World’s largest marketplace of 31 million applicants. Getting started is free. Receive quotes in seconds. The Upwork story begins over a decade ago, when the tech lead of a Silicon Valley startup realized his close friend in Athens would be perfect for a web project. The team agreed he was the best choice, but were concerned about working with someone halfway around the globe. If you want to work as freelancer or looking for a new work from home job you are welcome here to apply. Register and create an account now.

You can find work at Freelance for almost all kind of professional and career jobs like bookkeeper, accounting, financial analyst, website developer, engineering, WordPress developer, tax consultant, business consultant, virtual assistant, costumer support, and many more. There are multiple project base jobs available at


download (1).png

Guru makes it simpler to hire freelancers online from over 3 million professionals and get freelance jobs from thousands of projects posted on its freelancing. The best place for employers and freelancers to connect, collaborate, and get work done. If you want to work as freelancer or looking for a new work from home job you are welcome here to apply. Register and create an account now.

You can find work at Guru for almost all kind of professional and career jobs like bookkeeper, accounting, financial analyst, website developer, engineering, WordPress developer, tax consultant, business consultant, social media consultant, website designer, virtual assistant, costumer support, and many more.


0x0.png lets you hire, manage and pay your freelancers in just a click. You can send messages, files, and make payments all through the website. It is hassle-free! Are a customer-centric professional service company. A few of the services we provide are IT consultations, customized web solutions, mobile development, cloud development, systems integration, server management. If you want to work as freelancer or looking for a new work from home job you are welcome here to apply. Register and create an account now.

You can find work at Outsource for almost all kind of professional and career jobs like bookkeeper, accounting, financial analyst, website developer, engineering, WordPress developer, tax consultant, business consultant, virtual assistant, IT expert, social media consultant, costumer support, and many more.



Outsourcely is a virtual assistant company based in Foresthill, CA. They make it easy to connect with virtual assistants through their platform. Outsourcely connects startups and businesses with talented remote workers from around the world. 400000+ Remote Workers. If you want to work as freelance bookkeeper or looking for any new work from home job you are welcome here to apply. Register and create an account now.

You can find work at Outsourcely for almost all kind of professional and career jobs like bookkeeper, accounting, financial analyst, website developer, engineering, WordPress developer, tax consultant, business consultant, virtual assistant, costumer support, and many more.


World’s largest and safest marketplace for finding rock star Filipino workers. has the largest database of Filipino virtual workers: more than 250,000 profiles and 10,000+ Filipino join each month. is just the marketplace. You recruit and hire on your terms. If you want to work as freelancer or looking for a new work from home job you are welcome here to apply. Register and create an account now.

You can find work at for almost all kind of professional and career jobs like bookkeeper, accounting, financial analyst, website developer, engineering, WordPress developer, tax consultant, business consultant, virtual assistant, costumer support, and many more. 



Toptal is a freelancing platform that connects businesses with software engineers, designers, and business consultants globally. Toptal enables start-ups, businesses, and organizations to hire freelancers from a growing network of top talent in the world. Hire the Top 3% of Freelance Talent. Find quality talent to work full-time. Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, and project managers in the world. Top companies rely on Toptal freelancers for their most important projects.

You can find work at Toptal for almost all kind of professional and career jobs like bookkeeper, accounting, financial analyst, website developer, engineering, WordPress developer, tax consultant, business consultant, virtual assistant, costumer support, and many more. Toptal is one of best and finest freelance websites but very difficult to be a member.

Working as a bookkeeper of a company or to an individual requires experience and college graduate of any accounting course, bookkeeper course, and finance course. Having a license in bookkeeping or certified public accountant is a great advantage of landing a high paying bookkeeping job.

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What is Business Plan?

business plan according to Wikipedia is a formal written document containing business goals, the methods on how these goals can be attained, and the time frame that these goals need to be achieved. It also describes the nature of the business, includes background information on the organization, the organization’s financial projections, and the strategies it intends to implement to achieve stated targets. In its entirety, this document serves as a road map that provides direction to the business.

Business plans are inherently strategic. You start here, today, with certain resources and abilities. You want to get to a there, a point in the future (usually three to five years out) at which time your business will have a different set of resources and abilities as well as greater profitability and increased assets. Your plan shows how you will get from here to there.

Business plan is very useful to an individual, partners, groups, and corporations that plan to grow their company to the higher level. Business also definitely very important to the business start up who just plan set up business and create a company. Business plan will be their guide, foundations, and necessity to get findings from the third parties like banks and  creditors.

Business plan writing can be a great source of income.

Why do we need a business plan for our business?

1. A business plan is vital to helping you get finance from investors, stockholders, creditors, and banks.

If you’re seeking finance for your business, you’ll need to show banks and investors why they should invest in your business.

Lenders and investors will only risk their time and money if they’re confident that your business will be successful and profitable.

A thorough and well-researched business plan:

  • shows that you’re serious about your business
  • helps lenders and investors to understand your business idea
  • shows your predicted profits and income streams.

2. A business plan can help you priorities things accordingly and give you a guide on how to accomplish it.

A complete, thoughtful business plan is one of the most valuable tools in helping you reach your long-term goals. It gives your business direction, defines your objectives, maps out strategies to achieve your goals and helps you to manage possible bumps in the road.

Preparing a business plan will help you work out the goals you want to achieve, and the strategies to achieve them. This means you can focus your resources and energy on what you need to do, rather than spreading yourself too thin.

Once you’ve got a business plan in place, it’s a good idea to regularly review and update it to:

  • remind yourself of your goals and priorities
  • assess whether your strategies are working
  • adapt to any new changes in your environment
  • make the most of new opportunities as they come your way.

3. A business plan can give you control over your business, resources and your finances.

The planning process helps you learn about the different forces and factors that may affect your success. If you’re already in business, it helps you to step back and look at what’s working and what you can improve on. Instead of worrying about the future, a business plan helps to give you a sense of control over your business and your livelihood.

Writing and researching for your business plan gives you the chance to:

  • learn about your industry, market and competitors
  • write down exactly where you are in the market and where you’re headed
  • identify challenges you may come across and work out strategies to avoid or overcome them
  • understand your business finances, including managing cash-flow and determining your break-even point
  • set specific goals, timeframes for achieving them and how you’ll measure performance
  • make sound business decisions that focus your activities, maximise your resources and give you a competitive edge.

4. A business plan can help you set your business goals, revenue growth, and future expansion.

When talking about business plan it really helps guide you to achieve your business goals, set your revenue and profit grow faster, achieve your target financial performance, and help you with your business future expansion. Business plan is vital to the business that already been established and same vital to the business start-up.

A business plan is not a document you create once and store in your bottom drawer. It’s a living guide that you should develop as your business grows and changes. Successful businesses review and update their business plan when circumstances change.

Set yourself a reminder to review your business plan regularly. If you have a team in your business, holding brainstorming sessions is a good way to benefit from their knowledge – it ensures you’re all on the same page and that you get their support.

You don’t have to start with a blank sheet of paper

To write an effective business plan you’ll need discipline, resources, time and focus. Although the process can seem challenging, it’s very rewarding and gives you a sense of control over your business.

You don’t have to start with a blank sheet of paper. There are many website that offers business plan guide and template where you can used their business plan services in guiding you and helping you building up the business plan for your business. List below are the best business plan guide and template provider where you can access them online anytime and anywhere you want.


LivePlan is straightforward, easy-to-use business plan creation software that walks you through each step of the writing process. This web-based program is great for business owners looking to create plans for startups, strategic marketing campaigns or funding proposals. LivePlan is also a good option for business owners who aren’t sure what type of business plan they need, because it walks you through the process and proposes templates based on your business’s goals.


BizPlanBuilder has both a cloud-based and a download option for its business plan-writing software. This software solution has several industry-specific templates you can review and then add to the document editor to create a plan that reflects your own business needs. While you can create a start-up business plan, this program devotes special attention to financials so you are prepared to present your idea to any type of investor, be that a bank, private investor, angel network or venture capitalist and have the data to back it up.

Go Business Plans

Based in Los Angeles, California, Go Business Plans writes business plans that serve a variety of business’s needs, ranging from SBA loans and visa applications to plans seeking venture capital funding. Go Business Plans rated well in terms of the quality of its business plans and its comprehensive feature set, which is why we awarded it our Gold Award.

Wise Business Plans

Wise Business Plans is a business plan service based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. It writes business plans for businesses seeking venture capital and angel investors as well as businesses interested in applying for SBA loans, E2 visas and L1 visas. The plans are high quality and contain market and industry research drawn from a wide range of sources. Its turnaround times are above average, while the cost is roughly average for the services we reviewed.

Business plan writing can be a great source of revenue to all people who want to render their expertise and services to an individual or companies looking for an expert business plan writers in helping their building up the business plan for their companies. So I advise you should learn and hone your business plan writing skills.

Consolidated Financial Statements

What is Financial Statement?

The word consolidated financial statement is common in accounting, business, and finance world industry but not on the layman or common person. So, what is consolidated financial statement? But before we will answer that question let us understand first what is financial statements? We can’t understand, talk and discuss consolidated financial statements without first talking and knowing the word financial statement because naturally and generally they are similar only the scope, purpose or form differs but you should not confuse and mixed the two.

Financial statements are an official record of the financial activities and positions of the business, companies, entity, individual, and even the government institutions. Relevant financial data and information is presented in a well-structured manner and in a form easy to understand even by the ordinary readers of the financial statements. The users and beneficiaries of the financial statements are not only limited to owners, investors, and stockholders but also includes the government, employees, unions, creditors, debtors, banks, and credit institutions. They use the information’s written in the financial statements to assess how the company are performing in terms of managing the business whether it losing or gaining profit and can continue its operations. The three basic financial statements are balance sheet (statement of financial position), income statement (statement of financial performance or profit and loss, cash flows (statement of cash flows), and statement of retained earnings. The usual information that can be seen in financial statements are cash, accounts receivables, accounts payable, retained earnings, share capital, sales revenue, expenses, cost of sales, net income, and tax expense. It is very important that any companies or business should have financial statements as it is a minimum requirement, this is where the vital information of the financial activities of the company shown, and it is the documents that banks ask if the companies files for bank loan.

Below three image illustrations are the sample of Consolidated Financial Statements. These three images below are the three major example of Consolidated Financial Statements. Credit to Al Jaeera Steel Products Company SAOG.


What is Consolidated Financial Statement and How it is Related to Financial Statement?

Consolidated financial statements are the financial statements of a group of companies in which their assets, liabilities, equities, sales, expenses, incomes, and cash flow activities of the parent company and its multiple subsidiary are presented as those of a one single economic entity per IAS 27 (International Accounting Standard 27) and IFRS 10 (International Financial Reporting Standard 10) requirements. Simply to say consolidated of financial statement is a combination of different financial statements of the parent company and its subsidiaries inputted as one with doing some eliminations as necessary to avoid double recognition of same inter-company transactions. In preparing consolidated financial statement there are two basic procedures to be followed. First, you need to cancel out all the entered items that are accounted as assets in one company and liabilities in another company then add together all uncancelled items this activity called inter-company reconciling items.

The relationship and similarities of financial statements and consolidated financial statements were they have both balance sheet (statement of financial position), income statement (statement of financial performance or profit and loss), cash flows (statement of cash flows), and statement of retained earnings. They presented almost the same with the financial statements but will differ naturally the figures because consolidated financial statement is the combination of all financial statements of parent company and its subsidiaries while financial statements may either just a financial statement of one subsidiary or the parent company without yet the input of the other. Simply to say financial statements is financial information activities of one company while consolidated financial statement is the combined financial information activities of multiple companies combined as one single entity.

Z-Score Reports of Al Jazeera Steel Products Company on Credit Worthiness

Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG was established on Jun 27, 1996 which mostly deal in manufacturing business of different types of structural and steel tube products in the middle east countries. They also exported their manufactured products to twenty-five major western countries, including USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, and other EU countries. The company also imported their products on major Asian countries like Indonesia, China, and Malaysia. The company also sold and manufactures like electric resistance welded products, angle bars, rounds bars, and deformed bars, bar mill products for the constructions of buildings. Al Jazeera Steel manufactured products are used in various application like building constructions, building housing projects, bridges, canal irrigation, agricultural infrastructures, engineering, public health, public highways, toll bridges and public roads, scaffolding tubes, fencing and boring, steams and gas, firefighting equipment, water and sanitation pipes, civil and industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and building structures.


In the past several years the mills manufacturing plant has become one of the leading tubing manufacturer plants in the Middle East region and also made the company Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG one of the leading players on steel manufacturing. Al Jazeera company also offers tubulars products in both black and galvanized conforming to major International specifications industry standards. Al Jazeera Steel Product is primarily based in Sultanate of Oman. Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG is one of the subsidiaries of Global Buyout Fund LP a Kuwait base pipe manufacturing company. Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG is listed at Muscat Securities Market at Muscat, Oman, Sultanate of Oman on January 6, 2003 which they belong on as Industrial Index industry sector category.

As shown in the illustration table above for Z-score of Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG from year 2013-2017 it is very evident and clear that Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG have a very good credit worthiness outstanding from year 2015-2017. Year 2015-2017 Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG have above 3-point Z-score which means the company will be less likely enter bankruptcy and in good financial condition while for year 2013-2014 the same have good Z-score of above 2 which lie on safe range because Z-score of below 1.8 are in bad financial condition. Al Jazeera Steel Products Company SAOG have best financial health status, good credit worthiness status, high revenue, good net income earned per year, paid dividends well, the stock market price are very fair and good. Al Jazeera Steel Products is a good company for the investors to make their investment buy its stocks traded on Muscat Securities Market and will get a good return on investments. Their Z-score have gradually increase per year to year basis from 2013 to 2017.

Image result for Al Jazeera Steel Products Company

Yes Z-score is the appropriate tool or useful data for the investors to determine the company credit worthiness and if it is good to invest in the company. The Z-Score that computed on the combination of five very important financial ratios in financial statement analysis that can help the investors to determine if their investment made to the company are right. The important message from the study computation made on Z-score analysis is to mainly avoid companies with Z-score of less than 1 point unless the investors have a very good reason to buy it like making the company more competitive by heavy investing and complete overtures. There are many bankrupt companies that are been bought even though their Z-score is very small way below 1 point because of market share or the technology and management value. The investor can use the Z-score results in investment analysis as an early warning signal. Should the Z-score computation results be less than three points it needs further analysis using other financial ratios and other important data thus need more investigations. A Z-score of lower than 1.8 point, in particular, indicates that the company is heading for bankruptcy or have financial difficulties. Company with scores more than 3 points are unlikely to enter into bankruptcy and have a very good financial health status. Scores within range of 1.8 and 3 points lie in a gray area which indicate they are not in bad shape nor in good shape this need further assessments. This Z-score ratio is a good test for corporate distress and corporate performance. So, this Z-score will be one of the basis or indication for investors to determine if the company is on the road of bankruptcy and whether the investors will invest their funds to the company.

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Funding For Startup

Image result for funding

Seeking financing for your startup is one of the most daunting tasks faced by budding entrepreneurs. The world is littered with examples of failed startups. Most of the times, the root cause of this is one thing: Money. If you are about to embark on the self-rewarding journey of setting up your own startup, learn the lesson by not making the following same mistakes made by countless before you.

  1. Inadequate Market Research: You have an idea for a product or service which you think is brilliant and will be a game changer. Most of the times, startups are too attached with their idea, understandably so since it is their baby. However, before embarking on this journey make do these things:
  • Research if there is even a market for the product.
  • Not understanding the need of the customers. Your product needs to solve problems of people.
  • Do small market test runs with product to guide product development the right way.
  1. Giving Up Too Much Control: In the initial days when despite so many efforts, startups see no money tickling their way, they tend to get desperate. Most of the investors in early stages of finance want to have a stake in the equity of the company in return for their money.

Startup needs to realize that they will need investing in more than one stage thus it is important not to give too much equity in the beginning. Giving up too much control can end up making you a minority shareholder later on.

  1. Raising Too Much or Too Little Money: Too much or too little of anything is never good. It is important to understand exactly how much capital you are going to need at every stage of your startup by doing thorough valuation and analysis.
  • Having too much does give you some cushion, but money does not come free. With too much money at hand, you might be tempted to make decisions for which the startup is not ready.
  • Some startups play it safe by asking for too little money. This can also be a recipe for disaster, as you will run out of money soon. And will need to go through the entire process again, letting the investors know that you did not plan right.
  1. Targeting the Wrong Investors: Do not waste your time trying to get investment from a firm who has no history of lending to your industry or for startup financing. Or going to an investor who already has an investment in your competitor. Try to get investors, who also bring something to the table other than just money, it can be in the form of recruitment or product development or simple mentoring.

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