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How Much Freelance Bookkeeper Earns? Where to Apply?

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Bookkeeping 101 Part 2 (Accrual Accounting Method)

Accrual Method There are two main methods of accounting (or bookkeeping): Accrual method Cash method The accrual method of accounting is the preferred method because it provides: a more complete reporting of the company’s assets, liabilities, and stockholders’ equity at the end of an accounting period, and a more realistic reporting […]

Want To Learn Accounting, Bookkeeping, Finance, and Financial Analysis on Online?

Do you want to learn accounting, bookkeeping, business analysis, finance, financial analysis. You want to learn how to create and prepare balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, do financial analysis, business analysis, and economics?Then you are it the right page. I am Mark Joseph Digamon I will teach […]

How to pretend to be a team lead player when you work in Accounting and Finance

If you want to get ahead in a bank, you will need to be known as a team player. Every appraisal at every firm I’ve ever worked for has included a review on my for enthusiasm for contributing to the well-being of the team. Every appraisal conversation I’ve […]

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