Rush Limbaugh Revealed A Secret About The Mail Bombs That Had Everyone Talking


Democrats and the fake news media pounced on the suspicious packages mailed to the Democrats and CNN.

They seized on the mail bombs to claim the American people must reject Donald Trump in November.

But Rush Limbaugh revealed a secret about the bombs that had everyone talking.

Rush Limbaugh Reveals The Media’s Real Plan

On a recent broadcast, Limbaugh discussed the mail bombs and how the media made use of them.

Limbaugh noted that the bombs were supposed to look crude – like they were made by a Trump supporter who lives out in the woods.

But none of the bombs exploded.

To Limbaugh, that meant they were specifically designed to look basic.

He believes an expert was behind the bombs.

Limbaugh began, “It takes some expertise here to manufacture bombs like this. If it’s true that they’re not intended to go off, and if it’s true that they’re meant to look crude and made by people that starred in the movie Deliverance, it takes bomb-making skill to put together bombs like that. I mean, these bombs, mail bombs have timers on ’em. Folks, there… A mail bomb, any bomb expert knows you don’t put a timer on a mail bomb. A mail bomb is designed to go off when it’s opened. You put a timer on there strictly for visual effect because every bomb on TV has a timer.”

“Remember, we are a TV society. What we see on TV we tend to believe. Therefore bombs are featured in many TV shows and movies. And every bomb has a countdown timer on it. So these do too. Except they’re not active. They’re not turned on. They’re not counting down. And they’re not connected to anything. They’re just there for show. The stamps have not been canceled. I mean, as though they would have progressed through some sort of standard procedure at the post office,” he continued.

The Truth About The Bombs Raises New Questions

None of the bombs exploded.

Tom Winter of NBC News reported this was because they were not made to explode.

He tweeted:

NBC News: Law enforcement sources say that at this point in the review of the bombs it is clear that some were incapable of exploding. Whether that was a design flaw or intentional is not yet known. Analysis is ongoing

They say to treat any suspicious package as if it were real.

This backed up earlier reporting by former Fox News reporter Adam Housley who said his law enforcement sources told him the bombs were “hoaxes.”

This raises serious questions about the intent and motivation of the bomber.

Rush Limbaugh Asks One Final Question

Limbaugh asked another question about the media coverage of the bombs.

He said he heard “drive-by” journalists claiming this story was depressing Republican voter enthusiasm.

But no pollsters ran any surveys.

Limbaugh claimed this was just wish-fulfillment on their part.

If all the fake news journalists went on TV and said Republican voters were disgusted by Trump inciting these bombs, then no one would show up and vote.

You have to view everything the fake news media says in terms of how it helps Democrats win elections.

If you understand that, you understand the psychology behind how the media frames and covers stories.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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