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6 Reasons Onboarding Matters — Especially in Higher Turnover Industries

Did you know that 20 percent of employee turnover happens in the first 90 days of employment? That’s according to IDC Research, and the finding underscores the importance of addressing the need for an effective onboarding process. This is often especially acute in industries with traditionally higher turnover […]


All Hell Broke Loose When Mike Pence Revealed Who Funded The Migrant Caravan

There is one big mystery behind the migrant mob marching toward America. Who funded and organized this gang? But Vice President Mike Pence just revealed the shocking truth and all hell is breaking loose. Mike Pence Reveals Who Is Behind The Migrant Mob Reports now state that the […]

Robert Mueller Got A Life Changing Surprise About This Star Witness Against Trump

Robert Mueller thought he had lined up his biggest win. He flipped one witness who everyone believed held the smoking gun to finally nail Donald Trump. But Robert Mueller just got an unwelcome surprise about his star witness. Robert Mueller Turns Paul Manafort Into His Star Witness Anti-Trump […]

Rush Limbaugh Revealed A Secret About The Mail Bombs That Had Everyone Talking

Democrats and the fake news media pounced on the suspicious packages mailed to the Democrats and CNN. They seized on the mail bombs to claim the American people must reject Donald Trump in November. But Rush Limbaugh revealed a secret about the bombs that had everyone talking. Rush […]

James Mattis Gave The Migrant Caravan The Bad News They Never Wanted To Hear

The migrant mob storming through Mexico is one the biggest issues shaping the outcome of the midterm election. Illegal aliens were counting on a wide open border. But James Mattis gave the migrant mob the bad news they never wanted to hear. James Mattis Slams The Door On […]

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