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Jair Bolsonaro declared Brazil’s next president

Controversial admirer of dictators says in video broadcast: ‘We are going to change the destiny of Brazil’.   Celebrations and protests in streets of Brazil after Bolsonaro win – video A far-right, pro-gun, pro-torture populist has been elected as Brazil’s next president after a drama-filled and deeply divisive […]


Obama Used Three Words To Attack Trump That Every Democrat Instantly Regretted

Barack Obama is back. The former President hit the campaign trail to help push Democrats into the winner’s circle. But he used three words to attack Donald Trump that every Democrat instantly regretted. Barack Obama Campaigns To Elect Democrats Barack Obama showed up in Nevada to help the […]

Merkel takes first step towards exit after poll drubbing

BERLIN, Germany — Angela Merkel will step down as German chancellor when her mandate ends in 2021, a party source told AFP Monday, after a series of political crises and regional vote debacles rocked her fragile coalition. Often hailed as the world’s most powerful woman and Europe’s de facto […]

Germany election: Further blow for Merkel in Hesse

Both the parties in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing coalition have suffered heavy losses in a regional election, early results show. Her centre-right CDU party and the centre-left SPD were each 10% down on the previous election in Hesse state. SPD leader Andrea Nahles said the federal government’s […]

5 Reasons New Hires Hate Onboarding

Pop quiz: What’s the fastest get rid of a new hire? Answer: Give them a poor onboarding experience. A poor onboarding experience not only leaves new hires feeling confused about their role within the company and what’s expected of them, it may drive them away entirely. A recent study found that employees who […]

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