Trump slaps down journalist for ‘stupid’ question

President Donald Trump instructed journalists Friday to show more respect in the “sacred” White House and moments later angrily refused to answer a reporter’s question because it was “stupid.”

US President Donald Trump speaks to the press before departing the White House for Paris on November 9, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP / MANILA BULLETIN)

US President Donald Trump speaks to the press before departing the White House for Paris on November 9, 2018 in Washington, DC.

The latest clash between the president and the press corps assigned to cover him followed a meltdown on Wednesday when Trump lashed out at a star CNN reporter as a “terrible person” and had him barred from the White House.

In Friday’s incident, Abby Phillip, also from CNN, asked Trump whether he wanted his new attorney general to hold back an explosive probe into allegations that the president’s 2016 election campaign colluded with Russian agents.

The topic has been one of the main headlines in Washington since Wednesday when Trump abruptly fired Jeff Sessions as attorney general and named Matthew Whitaker, who has strongly criticized the Russia probe, to replace him. Critics have accused Trump of placing an ally who will try to muzzle special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Trump, speaking just before leaving for an international gathering in Paris to commemorate World War I, refused to answer Phillip.

“What a stupid question that is, what a stupid question. But I watch you a lot. You ask a lot of stupid questions,” he said, shaking a finger at the journalist, then walking away.

Moments earlier he’d defended his decision to bar CNN reporter Jim Acosta following their exchange at Wednesday’s press conference, saying that Acosta “is a very unprofessional guy.”

Asked how long Acosta will be denied the credential allowing him to work inside the White House, Trump said he hadn’t decided and seemed to indicate that the extremely unusual sanction could be applied to more journalists.

“It could be others also,” he said.

Trump went on to refer to another reporter, April Ryan, who works for American Urban Radio Networks and CNN, as “a loser” and “very nasty.”

The president said that the bad blood between him and the media was the fault of journalists showing insufficient deference.

“When you’re in the White House, this is a very sacred place to me. It’s a very special place. You have to treat the White House with respect. You have to treat the presidency with respect,” he said.


IPs ask Duterte’s help in pressing charges vs Reds

Indigenous peoples (IPs) from Mindanao asked President Duterte to assist them taking to court the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) and CPP chairman Jose Maria Sison for what they claimed were violations of their ancestral rights and safety and the murder of IP leaders.

In one of the four resolutions formally received by Duterte by the IPs early this week, the IPs requested the President to provide legal assistance to the Mindanao IP Council of Elders for the filing of appropriate cases against the Reds, or referred to as CNN in the resolution.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte convenes the leaders from various indigenous peoples tribes of Mindanao during a meeting at the Malago Clubhouse in Malacañang Park, Manila on November 8, 2018. (RICHARD MADELO/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO / MANILA BULLETIN)

In their resolution, the IPs cited 17 reasons for their ardent push to press charges against the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Among the reasons are their safety at risk by getting them caught in a crossfire when the CPP-NPA-NDF made their ancestral domain as their guerrilla base for the last 40 years, and the murder of at least a thousand IP leaders since the 1980s.

“The most glaring was the Rano massacre in Davao del Sur and the murder of mayor Jose Libayao in the presence of his family, community and foreign donors in the tribal municipality of Talaingod, Davao del Norte,” the resolution read.

The IPs also cited the CPP-NPA-NDF supplanting their traditional leaders and replacing them with revolutionary ones, and the collection of revolutionary taxes. They also cited the destruction by burning, of property, particularly of construction equipment.

The lumad groups also said that the CPP-NPA-NDF are setting up informal primary and secondary schools in their ancestral homes where they radicalize their children by teaching them communism and sending them to NPA units for exposure. They also said that the Reds are bringing their young leaders in tertiary school managed by communists as scholars. They added that some students are also being molested and sexually exploited.

The CPP-NPA-NDF also supposedly agitated and deceived several IP leaders and members with false promises to go on “bakwit” from the ancestral domain to the town centers or cities and preventing them from going out.

The IPs also said the CPP-NPA-NDF are making some of their IP leaders as heads of a revolutionary justice system. They also said that some of their IP communities as prison or confinement areas for other IPs.

The lumad groups are also protesting the CPP-NPA-NDF’s use of the name “Bagani” as a name of its units to “kill our own” and attacking government security forces, thus putting all IPs in a bad light. They also said that the Reds occupied their ancestral domain, private communal properties without permission.

“You have no right to bring in and introduce a foreign ideology into the very heart of our ancestral domain to become our way of life which is the exact opposite of our culture as peace-loving people,” the resolution read.

The CPP-NPA-NDF was also said to have removed their right to vote for allowing candidates to enter their ancestral domain “if they pay the permit to campaign and permit to win to the CPP-NPA-NDF.”

They also said that CPP-NPA-NDF are organizing the IPs at the regional level “through deceit and lies” to support several parties in Mindanao. They said that IPs have been used to ruin the image of the Philippine government in the world.

Other resolutions

Aside from the resolution against the CPP-NPA-NDF, the IPs also presented Duterte a resolution requesting the President to grant a special quota in the Philippine Army for IPs in Mindanao.

The IPs also created a resolution expressing their conformity to Duterte’s declaration of martial law in Mindanao and the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus in the island.

They also presented a resolution expressing their appreciation to Duterte for his consistent support to IP welfare and development.

According to Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, it is still up to Duterte on what to do with the resolutions submitted to him.

Robert Mueller Heard The Bad News That Has Him Scared For His Life

Robert Mueller

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s free run is over.

He led a rigged witch hunt to destroy Donald Trump.

But he just got the bad news that sent him running for his life.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Steps Down

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned on Wednesday.

Pundits and D.C. insiders speculated for months that this move was coming.

With Sessions stepping down, Donald Trump appointed Matt Whitaker as Acting Attorney General.

This means Whitaker is now in charge of the Mueller probe.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein only ran the probe because Sessions recused himself.

With Sessions out of the picture, Rosenstein loses all his authority over the Mueller probe.

Democrats and the fake news media lost their minds.

They see the Mueller probe as their best chance to get rid of Donald Trump.

So fake news reporters and Democrats are demanding that Whitaker recuse himself so Deep State agent Rod Rosenstein can take back control of the Mueller probe.

Matt Whitaker Is Bad News For Robert Mueller

Before Whitaker went to work for the Justice Department, he would give legal commentary in the media.

During the course of interviews on both TV and radio, Whitaker ripped Mueller’s probe as being an abuse of power.

Whitaker appeared on the Chris Stigall radio show in June 2017.

The host asked him about Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador in his Senate office in 2016.

Sessions did not disclose this meeting to the Senate – which he did not do because it was in his capacity as a member of the foreign relations committee and not as a member of the Trump campaign.

But the media successfully used the lack of disclosure to pressure Sessions into recusing himself from the Russian probe.

Whitaker blasted the Democrats who claimed this innocent meeting proved collusion.

“I also think, you know, we have another hearing in front of Congress where there is no evidence of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign,“ Whitaker stated.

“Democrats continue to conflate the collusion issue, which there is no evidence of, with, with the fact that Russians did try to interfere with the election,“ he stated.

Whitaker then appeared on The Wilkow Majority show with Andrew Wilkow and repeated the factual claim that there was no Russian collusion.

“The truth is, there was no collusion with the Russians and the Trump campaign,”Whitaker declared. “There was interference by the Russians into the election, but that is not the collusion with the campaign and that is where the left seems to be just combining those two issues.”

Whitaker also added that the Democrats were actually afraid Mueller would find no collusion and didn’t want his report to see the light of day.

He explained, “The last thing they want right now is the truth to come out,” adding that, “there is not a single piece of evidence that demonstrates that the Trump campaign had any illegal or even improper relations with Russians.”

The media wants Whitaker out.

They know Mueller won’t turn up anything.

But the fake news media needs his investigation to last until the 2020 election.

That way they can push the story that the American people must vote Trump out of office because this scandal still hangs over his head.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Donald Trump Has One Trick Up His Sleeve To Stop The Caravan

Donald Trump

The migrant caravan threatening to invade America is still making its way through Mexico.

Thousands of migrants think they will be able to pour across the border and enter America.

But Donald Trump has one trick up his sleeve to stop the caravan dead in its tracks.

Donald Trump Promises To Change Asylum Laws To Stop The Caravan

The caravan – which once numbered as many as 10,000 migrants according to some reports – is intent on invading America.

Even though it is now down to roughly 3,000 migrants, these invaders still plan to breach America’s Southern border.

Their plan is to get caught by border patrol agents and request asylum.

You can request asylum at legal points of entry.

Border patrol agents catching migrants in the act of illegally entering America is not one of those points of entry.

But the Immigration and Naturalization Act also states if asylum seekers have a “well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion,” they can request asylum at non-designated points of entry.

Illegal aliens caught entering the country then have one year to request asylum.

But Trump plans to change all that.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously issued guidelines rolling back Obama-era rules that allowed migrants to request asylum if they feared gang or domestic violence.

In a pre-election press event, Trump announced he would issue an executive order changing asylum laws.

“If these caravans are allowed into our country, only bigger and more emboldened caravans will follow — and you see that’s what’s happening now,” Trump declared.

That’s why he said he would change asylum laws to prevent migrants who are caught entering the country illegally from requesting asylum.

Why This Executive Order Is Necessary

The day after the midterm elections, news broke that Trump planned to issue this executive order before he left for Paris.

Trump said that asylum is not a program for people in poverty.

In fact, many of the migrants in these caravans are economic refugees.

Employers in the United States want the cheap labor to cut costs, but it depresses the wages of American workers.

Trump knows migrants abused the asylum program for too long.

So he is making whatever changes the Constitution allows him through his executive authority.

If the caravans aren’t stopped, Trump noted this could lead to a flood of migrants invading the country.

A Pew poll showed 58 percent of people in El Salvador would move to America if they could.

The United States cannot sustain itself as a nation with open borders and allowing the world’s poorest people to flood into the country.

Trump and his supporters believe there needs to be a tightly controlled system in place to allow for legitimate claims but will clamp down on the idea that just anyone can enter America.

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