There Is News About Brett Kavanaugh That No Trump Supporter Is Going To Like

Donald Trump and his supporters thought they won the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight. But then some bad news came in. And Trump and his supporters will not be happy with what happened. Republicans See Kavanaugh Bounce Fade Republicans saw a surge in support after the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation […]


Dear my husband, you’re the best thing in my life

Greet your loving, caring, and awesome husband with full of love and thankfulness. Credit to

Robert Mueller Was Betrayed By The Last Person He Ever Expected

Robert Mueller got thrown for a loop. The special counsel thought he was racking up wins in his quest to destroy Donald Trump. But he just got betrayed by the last person he ever expected. Robert Mueller Betrayed By Surprising Figure George Papadopoulos pleading guilty to one count […]

Donald Trump Shut Down The Migrant Caravan With One Tweet

Images of 7,000 migrants marching through Central America frightened many Americans. They demanded Washington take action to stop what many see as an invasion. So Donald Trump stepped up and sent out one tweet that could shut down the caravan immediately. Americans Concerned About The Migrant Caravan The […]

This Picture From Barack Obama’s Past Just Ruined His Life For Good

Journalists pounced on the terrible tragedy at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh to attack Donald Trump. Their main concern was blaming him for the shooting to hurt him in the election. But then an old picture of Barack Obama resurfaced and it just changed everything. Media […]

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