Attractions that Children Loves In Hong Kong


Soaring skyscrapers, villages built on stilts, top-of-the-town panoramas and home-grown theme parks. Variety is the spice of Hong Kong’s attractions.

No other city in Asia offers such an amazingly varied array of attractions as Hong Kong. A rich assortment of sights stretching to the far reaches of the city, all packed into a small space. From world-class museums, ornate temples and tranquil nature parks, to bustling markets, dazzling light shows and ear-splitting fireworks displays, choose the one-of-a-kind thrill that suits your mood. One moment you can be immersed in a state-of-the-art 3-D superhero adventure at a theme park, the next you’re delving into history with a seat aboard a century-old tram tour or ferry, glimpsing up at one of the most spectacular modern skylines on the planet. A fascinating adventure beckons.

The Big Buddha & Po Lin Monastery

Erected in 1993, the enormous Tian Tan Buddha is one of the symbols of Hong Kong, a 34-metre-high statue that took a dozen years to complete and now watches over the many people of our city. It’s a must-see, and make sure to drop into nearby Po Lin Monastery, a sacred Buddhist sanctum. Alongside rich histories and gorgeous gardens, it has a delicious vegetarian restaurant open to the public.

Hong Kong Disneyland

The house that the Mouse built, Hong Kong Disneyland is a place where dreams come true. From mystical manors to the futuristic Tomorrowland, classic fairy tale rides to Wild West thrills, the park offers something for everyone, and is now fully expanded with your favourite Marvel and Star Wars characters on board. Spend your day on rides galore, and then stay the night at its family-friendly resort.

DukLing Harbour Cruise

Hong Kong’s harbour views are unrivalled, stunning skylines set against the surrounding waters. The best way to take it in is on a cruise, but instead of the standard tourist boat, book a ride aboard DukLing, an ancient Chinese fishing vessel complete with wooden decks and classic red sails. DukLing makes regular sailings throughout the day, but we recommend catching one of the sunset trips, or better yet, its special Symphony of Lights cruise, which is timed with the nightly show.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park isn’t just for the little ones, with plenty to enjoy for thrill seekers of all ages. Marvel at underwater oddities in the massive aquarium. See foxes, sea lions and pandas in its many enclosures. And let the adrenaline flow through thrilling rides all across the park, from raging rivers to roller-coasters. Weekends are often packed, so drop in on a school day to beat the queues.

The Peak

The Peak is Hong Kong Island’s highest point and a must-see site. The 360-views are stunning, with sweeping vistas of the entire city below. Here, you’ll see visitors from around the world jostling for selfies from the anvil-shaped Peak Tower. Next door, Peak Galleria mall offers an array of shopping and dining options, plus a viewing terrace with free entry. Most summit-seekers hop on the century-old Peak Tram, scaling steep inclines from Central’s base. But for a more green approach, snake your way from Hatton Road along the Morning Trail, an enjoyable hiking path.


The defining image of Hong Kong that creates such a striking impression: our skyline, made up of its fascinating medley of skyscrapers. From Central’s 88-storey Two ifc to Kowloon’s 118-floor International Commerce Centre. From the retro-themed Hopewell Centre, once the city’s tallest, to the I.M. Pei-designed Bank of China Tower. Each has its own distinct history, and all are best admired during the Symphony of Lights.

Tai O Village

A longstanding village that’s survived mass development, Tai O is a like a time warp: a trip back to the lives of Tanka fisher-families, coupled with hints of colonial history. The Tanka village houses are set right on the water, interconnected fishing abodes built on stilts in ordered chaos. Just minutes away is the Tai O Heritage Hotel, a hundred-plus-year-old former police station converted into a retro-styled hotel.

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