Month: November 2018

Ann Coulter Just Exposed A Huge Secret About The Migrant Caravan

Droves of illegal migrants are heading to the U.S. border. They claim to be seeking asylum from their home countries in South America. But Ann Coulter just exposed a huge secret about the caravan. Ann Coulter Exposes The Truth The illegal migrant caravan is growing every day. They’ve already […]


Trump attacks Paul Ryan, says he ‘knows nothing’ about birthright citizenship

President Donald Trump went after House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday, saying one of the top Republican leaders in the President’s party “knows nothing about” birthright citizenship and “should be focusing on holding the Majority” in the House of Representatives “rather than giving his opinions” on the issue. […]

Hillary Just Embarrassed Herself On National Television With 5 Words

The past two years have been hard for Hillary Clinton after losing to Donald Trump. There’s nothing she wants more than to be president. And things just got harder after she embarrassed herself on national television with only five words. The Clinton Family Loses Their Legacy The Clinton’s […]

There Is News About Brett Kavanaugh That No Trump Supporter Is Going To Like

Donald Trump and his supporters thought they won the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight. But then some bad news came in. And Trump and his supporters will not be happy with what happened. Republicans See Kavanaugh Bounce Fade Republicans saw a surge in support after the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation […]

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