15 Most Powerful Marvel Characters. Is Your Favorite Superheros on the List?


Marvel superheroes, we love them, watch them and adore them just as we love the Avengers main heroes. But, the comic universe is so huge that we are always confused with respect to who is the mightiest of all. Well, there are many powerful beings in the Marvel’s Multiverse which you had no idea about such as Eternity and “The One Above All.”

15. Dormammu

Dormammu is the Ruler of the Dark Dimension, a being of immense mystical power. He uses his vast powers to conquer other universes and dimensions, earning himself the enmity of Doctor Strange in the process. This incredibly powerful being has ominous plans for Earth and those who live there.

Dormammu has been described as “something worse than a demon”. It is unknown exactly how ancient he is, as he inhabits a wholly alien realm, separate from the rest of the Marvel Universe, that defies the laws of physics as understood on Earth. He is known to have already existed at the creation of the current demonic netherworlds; to have clashed with Agamotto hundreds of millions of years ago and is considered an extreme threat by the likes of Atlantis and Dr Strange.

14. Thanos

Thanos was one of the last sons of A’Lars, the forebearer of the second colony of the Eternals on Titan, and Sui-San, the last survivor of the original settlement of Eternals on Titan. Thanos became obsessed with death at a young age. Born with grey, hide-like skin and a massive body due to being born with the Deviant Syndrome, Thanos was a troubled child. Through bionic implementation and long hours of meditation, Thanos augmented his Eternal strengths and powers due to which his abilities transcended all those of other Titanian Eternals.

13. Magus

Magus’ powers are comparable to that of Galactus. His main power is unlimited shapeshifting. He can become virtually any substance, any size (larger than suns), any shape, any color, and any texture. He can also shapeshift into things such as starships, cannons, etc. Potentially he could make himself into a massive cannon the size of a planet and destroy anything in space. His possibilities are incomprehensible. He also possesses extremely powerful telepathy and can learn vast and diverse things such as languages in an instant.

12. Adam Warlock

Warlock is a member of the Technarchy, from the planet Kvch. The Technarchy itself is a dictatorship, led by the mighty Magus. Due to an unknown mutation, he developed “emotions” (which was considered a mutation on the planet), and feared his father, as it was the ritual in Kvch for the infant to fight his father to the death in order to demonstrate his right to live. Warlock is a techno-organic being, without true form but constantly changing shape. His techno-organic body can be reconstructed into any organically or technologically-appearing shape imaginable. He can construct energy projectors out of himself as well as sensory equipment; he can augment his physical size and strength, merge with computer systems to download information and schematics, and decode protocols which allow him to speak and write binary languages. Warlock has a “natural adaptability”, which helps his systems reconfigure to deal with new threats or opponents.

11. Galactus

One of the mightiest in the universe, Galactus can eat an entire planet at once. He possesses immense knowledge, limitless cosmic ability, and gave superheroes as strong as the Silver Surfer their power and is still in a completely different power league.

10. Infinity

The power of “Infinity” is that she has the infinite potential of existence. She has Eternity, Death, Oblivion and Galactus as siblings.

9. Eternity

The very embodiment of time. Eternity can manipulate space, time, and reality itself as he wishes. His power is greater even than the likes of Galactus. Eternity is the sum total of the collective consciousness of all living things in the universe, the embodiment of their life as Death is the embodiment of the ending of that life. Unlike Death, which Eternity refers to as its sibling, Eternity does not often take an active hand in the dealings of the trillions of lives that make up its total. However, since controlling the being Eternity allows the controller to wield Eternity’s unlimited powers over the beings that make it up, this entity is a target for extra-dimensional attackers of various abilities.

8. Phoenix Force

“I am fire! And life incarnate! Now and forever — I am PHOENIX! “

Another legendary firebird from Greek/Persian mythology who found its way to the Marvel Comics. Representing life that has yet to be born, the Phoenix Force is one of the most powerful and oldest known cosmic entities. It is indestructible, immortal, and a manifestation of the primal force of life. It has the power to create and destroy pretty much anything and everything.

7. Hercules

One of six Olympian sons of Zeus, Hercules was born the savior of the Gods and mankind. Hercules, known as the Prince of Power, is one of the strongest beings in existence, an Olympian God and a modern superhero recognized throughout the world for his might.

Another Greek God figure who kicks in the Marvel Universe and has superhuman strength. However, his abilities are not limited to that. He has regenerative healing and terminated aging, making him live long.

6. Juggernaut

Cain Marko, also known as the Juggernaut is powered by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Marko is bestowed upon the virtually limitless strength and durability which he mostly uses for criminal pursuits and wanton destruction. He is considered one of the strongest and most powerful beings.

5. Cyttorak

Cyttorak is possibly an immensely powerful entity in all of the Marvel universes. His power is so great that even Galactus was helpless to free himself from the power of Cytorrak, who had imprisoned Galactus. He is the source of the powerful Juggernaut’s power and the best of magicians of the universe including Dr. Strange, and even Dormammu and Zom, invoke Cyttorak’s name to power their spells.

4. Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal is a single brawny entity that can exert the same power across the entire Marvel Multiverse. He is the judge of the Marvel Multiverse and the linesman of cosmic justice. He is above the likes of the Celestials, Galactus, Eternity, Death and Infinity. Living Tribunal doesn’t have his own free will as he serves the will of the creator of the multiverse, The One Above All!

3. Beyonder


Dragged to the Earth by the supervillain Intel, Beyonder is a supreme being more powerful than the Living Tribunal. He is capable of manipulating reality to whatever he pleases. A near omnipotent and vastly powerful mutant inhuman. He is the amongst the most powerful being in the Marvel multiverse. He was so strong, that all the Marvel abstracts (such as Eternity, Infinity and Death), supreme cosmic beings (such as Galactus and the Stranger), and The Living Tribunal himself are alive at his mercy.


2. The One Above All

I am the One Above All. I see through many eyes. I build with many hands. They are themselves, but they are also me. I am all-powerful. My only weapon is love. The mystery intrigues me.”

Creator of the Marvel Multiverse itself, the One Above All oversees the Living Tribunal and is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. He is above all cosmic powers and is not defeated by anybody except one.

Read further to know who defeated “The One Above All.”

1. Deadpool

Wade Wilson was an international assassin who had worked for various governments when he developed aggressive cancer. In a drastic measure to find a cure, he enrolled in the Weapon X program, which gave him a healing power. He once killed a team member, because of which he was thrown out of the program and was sent to have his abilities removed, where he was experimented on instead. The results of his stay there were a diminished mental state, a healing factor that could not cure his cancer or heal his scars, an infatuation with death, and his freedom to return to for-hire mercenary work.

Deadpool is placed first in this list, not because of his abilities but because he assassinated the powerful ones in Marvel Multiverse including “The One Above All.”

Was your favorite character on the list?

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